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STDs CAN BLOW YOUR MIND | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (STDs CAN BLOW YOUR MIND) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

The two-way street of STDs and mental health is a classic chicken-and-egg situation: Are people with mental health issues like depression, ADHD, or schizophrenia more likely to contract an STD? Or is ... See more

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Some Advice from Yoda for 2016 | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (Some Advice from Yoda for 2016) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

We will all face challenges in 2016 and we can choose the good side of the force while being aware of our connection to everything. As I write in my Darth Vader sweats and Yoda socks, I can feel the ... See more

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HIV Counseling | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (HIV Counseling) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

When you first heard that you were diagnosed with HIV what was your reaction? Did you feel dirty? Did you fear that you would or could contaminate others? Quite possibly thoughts have already or will ... See more

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  • Medicine
    With so many products available on the market, one might end up completely confused.
  • Causes Of Headache
    Causes Of Headache
    Statistics from the American Migraine Prevalence study shows that 20 percent of Americans have headaches each day.
  • Weight Loss
    Weight Loss
    Finding a specific weight loss program is tough.

Common skin problems

Teenage is a period that has a lot of overwhelming feelings and emotions. It is because of the number of hormonal changes that both the sexes go through. Most teenagers witness the problem of acne and are the most common of all skin problems. But apart from acne, there are several other common problems that teens have to go through with the same agony. Read below about the most common skin problems to know about their treatment:

1. Oily skin

hjdjhd84The cause of teenage skin problems, including acne, is oily skin. Excess oil no doubts gives the skin a glistening glow, but it is not okay. Primarily there are two ways a to combat the oily skin problem. The first way is to fight the oil glands which are hyperactive by the use of medications or laser therapy. The other way to reduce the oil from the skin is either by using the bloating paper or cosmetic products that have a bit of alcohol content. Studies have shown alcohol soaks up the excess oil from the skin. For one to Keep the skin oil-free; it is advisable to wash your face as and when possible. The skin even loses its essential oils when you wash it too frequently and make it look dry and dull.

2. Finger warts

Finger warts refer to the growth of flesh lumps under the fingernails, on fingers or under feet. These are caused by a virus and may or may not be painful. Even though these warts disappear themselves after a year or two, you may want to remove them earlier also. Getting them burnt off with the laser is one of the most common ones. The removal process is quite safe and has no reported side effects.

3. Eczema

Have you ever noticed read and dry patch on your skin especially when you come back from sports? Mostly these spots are quite irritable and itchy. Cold and dry weather makes the dry patches worse. Eczema has relation to some specific allergies. The mild ones can undergo treatment by applying a heavy moisturizer immediately after taking a bath while the stronger ones, you should take them to a certified doctor.

4. Excessive sweating

hgdhdd874Most of the teenagers don’t realize how dreadful can excessive sweating can be underarms and palms. As a best practice, wear cotton clothes or clothes made of natural fabric to keep you cool and avoid excessive sweating. Stress also activates the sweat glands and results in excessive sweating. Practice deep breathing when you begin to feel that you are losing the control over the situation and sweating profusely.

Furthermore, too much sweating can also lead to dark skin particularly on the private parts of even the adults. If you are looking for a great solution to this issue, go to


Weight Loss

Finding a specific weight loss program is tough. There are numerous kinds of weight loss programs, and there are new programs released almost every day. This has made weight loss programs very complex. A healthy long-term weight loss program is the best weight loss program. The main characteristic of the weight loss program is that it highlights a well-balanced diet and burning off extra calories. The following are several weight loss programs which will reduce weight.

Weight loss programs

Low fat diet

sdfsdLow-fat diet includes food which is fat-free foods or food with low diet. This diet program gives assurance of fat reduction intake combining with regular exercise habits which ultimately result in permanent loss of weight. The program for losing weight is successful if it is managed or taken care of by a specialist of weight reduction. The weight loss program can be successful in reducing weight if this is properly formed or handled by weight loss specialists.

A diet with high protein

The main element that causes fat gain is carbohydrates and if its consumption is lowered, it can help in losing fat. This diet is a successful program of weight loss, and it facilitates losing fat originally and in the least possible time. But in the long run, this diet program is not very effective. Foods rich in proteins are also helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels which are a healthy sign of the body.

Fixed menu

A fixed menu is a program that has a fixed or set menu diet that includes foods you can eat. This program is easy to follow since the foods you should eat selected for you, and there is no need to keep count of the calorie.
First of all, find out the significance of healthy dieting. A healthy diet is essentially losing weight and keeping it off. Your diet should include vitamins, minerals, and protein. The diet for weight reduction should be low in calories. The benefits of healthy food may reduce the risk of heart disease, gallbladder disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.
werdSecondly, a good program for losing weight should comprise of a strategy to maintain weight after the completion of weight loss phase. The hardest part of controlling weight is to maintain the weight consistently and is not always put into practice in some weight loss programs. Eventually, weight loss program guides you to obtain healthy eating habits and perpetual plans to deal with your weight problems.

Causes Of Headache

Statistics from the American Migraine Prevalence study shows that 20 percent of Americans have headaches each day. The prevalent rate of headaches is very high, and just like any other illness, headaches has been linked to absenteeism in work or school leading to a decline in output. While most people take over the counter medication to combat headaches, it is imperative to know what exactly causes headaches in the first place. The following post seeks to outline the various types and causes of headaches.

What is headache?

For starters, headache is a general term that encompasses some things. Headaches can be-be defined as pains that occur around the head region. Headaches or cephalgia (in medical terms) usually accompanies a wide range of diseases and conditions. Headaches usually manifest with a sharp piercing like pain that usually lasts for some hours or multiple days.

The International Headache Society classifies headaches as primary headaches or secondary headaches depending on what has instigated them.


Primary headaches

swaddfPrimary headaches are usually as a result of hyperactivity or underlying problems with pain-receptive structures in the head caused by chemical activities in the brain. The common primary headaches include tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines. A primary headache is usually triggered by some lifestyle factors such as:

  • Alcohol: beverages containing alcoholic content is known to cause primary headaches to some users especially those with high alcohol content.
  • Anxiety: troves of studies have also linked stress as a cause of primary headaches.
  • Poor posture: exerting pressure on one side of the body has also been proven by scientist to cause stress.
  • Foods: Foods that are rich in nitrates such as processed meat have been proven to trigger primary headaches.
  • Sleeping pattern: a sudden change in the sleeping pattern also causes primary headaches. Cognitive psychologists recommend 8 hours of sleep to avert such problems.
  • Lack of physical activity: even though strenuous physical activities increases the risk of headaches, staying sedentary also leads to headaches. Hence, moderation is always the key.
  • Noise: not only loud but even lower levels of continuous noise can also lead to headaches.
  • Glare: too much brightness from laptops screens and overhead lights can also cause a primary headache.
Secondary headaches

qwsddfSecondary headaches are usually symptoms of other conditions that trigger the pain receptors of the head. There is a myriad of different conditions that can stimulate secondary headaches, ranging in severity from brain freeze to brain tumor.

The following are the complications that can induce a secondary headache.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning- this leads to the deficiency of oxygen in the body which also leads to other life-threatening conditions.
  • Concussion: concussion is a result of an injury inflicted to the head. Concussion leads to a secondary headache.
  • Dehydration: lack of water in the body may also manifest itself in secondary headaches.
  • Brain tumor and brain inflammation: the two conditions manifest themselves through headaches
  • Middle Ear Infection: ear infection also causes secondary headaches on some individuals.
  • A brain aneurysm: a swell in an artery in the brain also leads to painful headaches.