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4 years ago
Some Advice from Yoda for 2016 | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (Some Advice from Yoda for 2016) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

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4 years ago
HIV Counseling | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (HIV Counseling) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

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4 years ago
Gun Control or People Control? | Aspire Wellness Clinic

New post (Gun Control or People Control?) has been published on Aspire Wellness Clinic

Gun sales were already at record levels with the recent mass killings in France. Now, we have been hit on our turf, it is real! Handguns and rifle sales are surging with gun ranges reporting all time ... See more

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With so many products available on the market, one might end up completely confused. To start out, let me state the medicines to make you taller, in the form of drugs or supplements, do exist. However, do they also work? To answer this question more easily we should segregate the different products into separate groups so that I can then describe each group in greater detail.


ascdasfdsWhether or not you consider supplements a medicine, they play quite a big role if you want to grow taller. For you to grow taller, you need to have a very sound and balanced diet. Growing is quite a change for your body, and thus you need to provide it with all necessary nutrients. A diet with a broad range of healthy foods is suggested. However, you may still be missing out on certain nutrients even if you are already following such a healthy diet. Especially magnesium and vitamin C can sometimes be hard to intake in sufficient amounts only through eating. In such cases, supplements can be very useful to make sure that your body isn’t missing any essential nutrient.

Amino acids

Certain types of amino acids have shown to release more growth hormones into our bodies’ systems. What happens is that these amino acids activate the right glands in our bodies that produce more growth hormones. This has been scientifically proven to work with individual products. Nevertheless, there are some problems with this medicine: firstly, the right combination of amino acids must be used; and secondly, the effect usually isn’t that great. In other words, we don’t know if the right combination of amino acids is included and even though it can help, the additional growth achieved through such a medicine usually isn’t that big.

Growth hormones

This is probably the product that comes closest to being an actual medicine. Through direct injection, a doctor can supply your body with more growth hormones. This is usually only used for children that have distinct growth deficiencies. Even though this procedure seems quite logic and straight forward, there is one major drawback to consider: our bodies’ hormonal balance is extremely complicated.

asdfsdfAs part of a healthy diet, nutrition supplements can be quite useful. However, amino acids and growth hormones are not legitimate medicines to make you taller. I say that because there are other systems and techniques that have proven to make people taller by several inches. Such techniques revolve around exercising, sleeping, and dieting.